Readings, Tutorials and Links 

There are many ways to incorporate technology into the fashion industry but in this workshop we are mainly focusing on bringing the digital garments out into the physical life. Mainly the group work will be based on 3D design program  +  AR technology. Learning the basics of CLO3D or Blender or Unity3D will be helpful. CLO3D trial, Blender, Unity can be downloaded for free.

Some open source patterns to download and play around


Blender :
Unity3D :

Body scanning, HoloLens, Kinect, AR methods :

Coding basics:

Filters_ Spark AR Studio

How to contribute without tech skills:

• If you have interesting readings / inspirations share links, pdfs on the FB group for further discussion on the event
• Bring inspiring images, sketches that you want to have on top of your body! Remember the shapes don’t necessarily have to look like clothes. What shapes will be interesting to 3D Scan? Bring objects
• Share your experiences and thoughts! How did you become interested in mixed-reality fashion? How can MRF contribute to change things in the industry you are in? How do you self-express in daily life? How do you want it to change?

Some useful links: